The Secret of Kells 5: Cellach’s Wall.

In the movie, Aidan and Brendan draw the Book of Kells.  The drawings are made to communicate emotions, like peace and joy, and to show what they think is beautiful.

Cellach, who is Brendan’s uncle, is obsessed with constructing a wall.  He also draws, but his drawings are technical, like maps and plans.  These are the kind of drawings that architects and engineers use.


You can download the last handout we have done in class: Cellach’s Wall.

When you draw the table or chair:

  • How many legs do you see in the front and side view?
  • How many legs do you see from the top?
  • Do you see the top part of the table fron the front?

Here is an example of a chair

drawing by Laura Gazzineo

And a longer explanation: View of Objects.

The secret of Kells 3: Triquetra

What it is:

How to draw it (there is more than one way, and in class I will explain a different method):

Skills you need: SEGMENT BISECTOR.

A different version:

The secret of Kells 2: The eye of Cromm

Cromm Cruach was a god from Ireland, before Christianity.

In the movie Cromm looks like a snake.  Brendan steals Cromm’s eye and uses it to draw small and beautiful drawings in the book.

We are going to draw the eye of Cromm for our book.  It is an eight-point star inside a circumference.


The secret of Kells 1: Calligraphy

We are going to learn how to write in Uncial Calligraphy, the one the monks used to write the Book of Kells.They used quills and ink, but we are going to use our pencils like this:

Heu de tenir un llapis amb punxa i subjectar-lo de manera que la mina quedi plana, no en punta com quan escriviu normalment.


p44 p45artific

We are participating in an art contest!



It’s a contest organized by Maó’s Public Library.  In the image you can see last year’s winners.  You can read the contest’s rules here.

The theme is THE ALPHABET.  Here you have different ones for inspiration.  Remember that you must not copy!

Ariel Steinglass
Jenna Josepher



Julien Poisson
Yunkyoung Lee
Jakub Konvica
Lauren Harvill


A3 Studio